Sunday, January 13, 2008

Review "Make Friends And Use them"

Just Going thru New posting in my frnd’s blog…
Make Frind n Use them

Gud point taken “Make Friends And Use Them”
I gt 2 rem d old dayz wen i used 2 heard this Line…
Five F's:
This is one of the Commonest of common practices used in Todayz Corporate World…
Everythng is fair in luv n war…on d same lines “evrythng is fair in the war of corporates”
Just make good frnds arnd u in d office, in d colony, in d othr offices and wen u think d game is over juz threw them in d bin…
I just posted my views about this in my earlier posts:
Expectations and People
BTW ppl think they hve d license to play wid d emotions of othrs…n d worst thng they keep on doing these thngs on a daily …juz a part of their routine work or job…
Bt rem Life pays u bak in a similar fashion….
A one line quote in hindi:
“Ye dilo ka khel hai zalim…humne kisi ka toda or khud ka bacha na sake”
So, d ppl belonging to this catgory of making frnds n using dem Beware…
So juz luk out for d same class of ppl arnd u..
Hope u r nt a part of this “mke a fnrd and use them”


giri said...

"ye dilo ka khel hai jalime"...great..point bassi saab!!

Saurabh Kumar said...

ha ha sala tere ko gyan mil gaya

Do or Die said...

thanks bro
i m born intelligent but people recognized me very late....
it doesn't matter to me b'coz
"Spartans" Never Bother These things..
people don't recognized us , we make them realize that we are "Spartans"