Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Expectations and People

One should never expect anything from others as expectations are the real cause of worry, people expect so much of other peoples such as he/she will do this for me because i had done so much for him/her in the past but they felt heart broken when their expectations are not fulfilled because in my life i had found that you do anything for anybody he/she will never pay you back in the same terms and with same intention, whether emotional, financial or any kind of support, you will never get the same treatment from those people whom you have been helping in the past.Even if you will die for somebody he/she will forget about you.

There are numerous kind of people with different behaviors and nature exist on this earth .Some people feels that others are here to obey their orders, they use to take advantage of soft hearted people or say emotional fools.and other kind of people who have to do nothing with this world, they are just spending their life time on this earth.

We can't define any body's nature with first impression and it is not fully correct that "First Impression is last Impression" . People change with Time, their behavior, style of living, dealing with people everything you can feel and count. You always get a chance to say this lines in your life to the persons you met or you have in your life that:
" He/she is so changed"
" I never expected this from you"
"You are not like this before "
" What happened to you, you are totally changed"

Some of the biological kinds of people found on this Earth are as follows:

First Kind of people:-
Some People think or they pretend to be like the rulers, they used to give orders to their friends that do this thing or do that thing, even they can't drink a glass of water which is kept in bottle near to them, they will give order in the form of request to their friend who is sitting or doing some work in other room to give them a glass of water. These type of people will never do the work which require physical strain, their policy is "Why to do work when their are other people around them to do the work",. These type of people will go anywhere on the earth they will always find some Poor(kind hearted) people to obey their orders. These type of people are like parasites living on others body and suck their blood, when the body is dead they find a new home(body) for them. these type of people always complaint that no one loves them, they have no dear friends. These kind of people always have attitude problem, they thought they know everything, they are proudly, never care for other people feelings, never co-operate with others, always in mood to exploit others, and they are Successful in life.

Second kind of persons are those who are supportive, adjustive in nature, adapt according to environment, help others and are always on target of the parasitic people mentioned above.
These people never care for their well being they always think of others, how to support others, took every responsibilities on their shoulders .These people never gain weight in their life and they always look pale and thin because they are in habit of taking burden of others on their mind, their bank account always show zero balance.These are religious kind of people and often goes to temple or religious places. These are the people who get the beating in the end for doing good cause to their friends, even getting comments in form of bad words. these kind of people always try to offer honey to the people who used to give them red chillies. They get so much frustrated in the end that they start becoming People of Third Kind.

Third Kind:
Another breed of people who have nothing to do whats going on in this world, these people give advice to Second Kind Of people, these people are sometime 2nd type of people in the past, they just follow wait and watch policy, they will say their opinion when it is not required or when it is so late. they are logical, zero interst in handling responsibilities, debate more than problem solving, self proved intelligent, always take a stand on some issue( no need to mention which stand bad or good one), try to outspoken others and clarifies matters when their is dispute( which is created by them), quick witted.
Their Motto is "Who Cares"

Fourth Kind:
This type of people are the most dangerous of all, as of know this kind of breed is mushrooming in corporate sector, they are occupying good positions in big companies, tactical, analytical mind, keep account of single penny spent and on whom( kept account of money spend by other on them, they themselves are not in habit of spending money), always looking for parties(Party Policy Just Give company for drinking by holding glass of wine in their hand, let other enjoy the party), always on search of first and second kind of people ( third kind of people are never on the list because third kind of people don't care for anybody), they are busy for Second kind of people when they are with First kind of people and vice versa, they are common friends of everyone, free mongers, used to have high connections, live life according to them, they used to solve problems or say they act as middleman and they don't want to loose anybody be it the victim or the murderer, they are always on both sides, sharp focused, well defined career paths, use each resource carefully, know how to take work from others and which kind of work one can do for them. These people have always a bright future ahead and they never fails in their life because they always learn from the failures.

Apart from these Four kinds there are one special kind found very common among the students know as Absent minded people who don't know where to go, what to do, which course should they follow. what is good and bad, always dream big and in end satisfied with nothing.But this kind doesn't remain stable as they either become 2nd kind or third kind of people in future life.

Hope, you find this article interesting and applicable in daily life

In the End, I want to convey the message that this whole thing is not written for someone special people, this is applicable to all the people in general, hope you"ll never take this as personal comments( even if you are then you are intelligent and get my point). This will not effect my relations with you if any.(it will not effect our relations if you are third kind of person as mentioned above who never cares for anybody)

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