Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Love You Grandmother

I bid adieu to my grandmother. She was 68 years Old, she passed away on Monday, May 14 2007. Just after the Mothers Day (Second Sunday in May)
This was second death in our family after the death of my uncle in 1990 blasts. At that time, i was only 7 years old and i didn't know What is difference between Life and death and what is the pain when somebody dear to your heart leaves you. But, as of know i am 24 years old and have good senses i can feel the pain, the suffering and the Importance of Grandparents in Life.
My Grandmother was a nice lady with big heart, she was well known as the Fearless and brave lady in our neighbourhood and family circle. We have a big, giant family comprising of three brothers, their wives, their children, all living together under one roof. All children used to live with the grandmother and the other ladies in the house never ever had any problems of handling the naughty children. We fell Sick, we celebrate, we cried, went for shopping, enjoy holidays, went to holy places, each and every thing we did we share every moment with our grandmother. She used to save us from the ire of my father, took care and awaken all night when i fell sick, my demands were fulfilled before i think about them, she used to took me to the temple every morning, taught me the values and customs.

When she was in her last years she told me about all the good and bad patch that our family undergoes, how we make our fortunes with hard work and she always told that Honesty is the best policy, never cheat anybody in any aspect, now she is no more but i can feel her words revolving around me, she lives in our memories forever and ever.....

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