Friday, March 16, 2007

Google And User's Privacy

gagan Bassi

Google Is taking steps to further improve user's privacy :

When you start a search on Google, in the backhand google starts collecting Your information which is about what you are searching, such as the query itself, IP addresses and cookie details. Google used to kept this data for as long as it was useful. Now, onwards Google will not do this Unless it is legally required to retain log data for longer, google will anonymize our server logs after a limited period of time. In the coming months, google will continue to keep server log data but will make this data much more anonymous, so that it can't be identified with individual users, afterthe gap of 18-24 months.

By doing this, google striking the right balance between two goals: continuing to improve Google’s services for usres, while providing more transparency and certainty about google retention practices.

So, much hyped Topic about Google Vs User Privacy is now more clear as Google's homepage !!

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