Friday, March 30, 2007

Viral Marketing : Word-of-Mouth Marketing !!

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing- The term Viral is used to describe anything related to viruses
A virus (from the Latin noun virus, meaning toxin or poison) is a microscopic particle that can infect the cells of a biological organism. Viruses can replicate themselves only by infecting a host cell. They therefore cannot reproduce on their own.

Marketing consists of the social and managerial processes by which products, services and value are exchanged in order to fulfill individual's or group's needs and wants.

Acc. to Jeffrey, Viral Marketing is a term that means creating messages that contain concepts within them that are absorbed by the people that come into contact with the messages. And making these messages compelling enough so that people pass them on.

Most of the website owners thinks that search engine optimization (SEO) is the single most powerful form of marketing on the web.

The truth – SEO is not the single most powerful form for your website. I know some of you will surprised to read this, as you may have seen the effect of SEO on your business. As most of the traffic to your site comes from Google, everyone is familiar with their daily updates, no one knows when google algo changes and start giving importance to new techniques (Read Web 2.0 here) .So, beside doing SEO on your site, you must make a point towards Viral marketing i.e. start spreading a word in cyberworld about you, your website, arouse curiosity among net users that they are going to discuss it in forums, blogs, articles, digg , so that a mass hysteria is created and the media person find a new story to fill their belly.

Secrets of Viral marketing- There are no Hard and Fast rule for VM, as we all know about human nature,we just love to talk and discuss things, in cyber world in form of Blogs, journals, stories in digg and other social networking sites, so a word about particlular thing spreads like wild fire which is then discussed in forums, groups and a vicious chain follows.

So, the process of getting others to market your website for you kicks off.

Some of the good examples are:

Web 2.0 as discussed by O'Reilly

Yahoo Pipes

Windows Vista And Bloggers

Social Networking sites such as Orkut

The Idea behind the Viral Marketing is to také advantage of people's nature, evryone wants to gain knowldge and be the first to gain it and then feel proud to tell others about the new things going over the web.Being one of the first to discover something that everyone will enjoy or find useful, or being one of the first to be invited to an invitation-only club, is an honor.

Fears and Limitations:
According to
Some market analysts, VM is not the best thing for your business. It can quickly grow out of control. If you happen to be successful with viral marketing, you may find that you are not able to meet the new demand that you see for your products or services. Viral marketing, once released, becomes its own beast outside of your control.

Also, if your site is not worth of importance you accumulate more negative image than the good one. You“ll become a PJ in the market and a Poor example in most of the Case studies that read "Unsucessfull marketer"


Except from the Future fears, Viral Marketing is one of the the greatest form of marketing. It is the latest Buzz over the net. Viral is their in your neighbourhood, Watch Out !!

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