Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Click Frenzy Online Bonaza or Mega tech Clickfail, Miserable failure, Online sale that stopped the nation, Australia 2012

Lessons to be learned from the failure of Click Frenzy, 2012

An online sale that was meant to stop the heartbeats of a nation, actually failed to deliver as expected by the Australian online consumers. Instead, it set up numerous 101 things not to do for online marketing.

Correct me if I am exaggerating the fact that you can't copy a successful idea like black friday and cyber monday and apply it to Australian online market without a backup plan. In strong words, try to be innovative rather than imitating the success achieved oversees by some big companies or brands. Show us some thing new, creative & unique rather than forcing the usual 40% Xmas sales which is happening at every website now a days.

Why Click Frenzy is termed as Clickfail?

It was billed as one of the most epic, awesome and earth shattering sale that has ever been happened to this secluded part of the world know as AUSTRALIA.The most awaited phenomenon that's going to be happened to Aussie customers - Online discounts that will make you go crazy and spend all your hard earned money. However, all the false hopes & dreams get shattered and smashed to the ground with a error message: Server is busy.

Reasons for #Clickfail:

  • Site was not prepared technically to handle 1 million users
  • Amateur Technical team that is not ready to handle these type of disasters.
  • Primarily focus: To generate more excitement & personal information gathering rather than providing Australian consumers with a great discounts online.
  • More cheaper deals online especially international websites.

Lessons to be learned:

  • Get Basic correct: Big brands needs to take a leaf out of The Book of Eil that they need to get basic correct and then look for stars.  
  • Adequate resources to handle Online Tsunami like Click Frenzy
  • Focus on customers not on their personal information like email id to bombard them with spam.
  • If you're doing anything that is related with technical aspects please get the experienced IT team not handyman.
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