Thursday, March 1, 2007

Online MBA Exams !!

Phew,My first encounter with online examination system is over!
I am doing PGDBA with specialization in HR from symbiosis, Pune.
It is distance learning program and i have to give my first online exam in PPM i.e Practices and principles of management.
Some of the basic details of online exam for the first timers:
1. The total time period is 60 minutes and total questions are 40
2. Questios are divide into:
a) True/False - 2 Marks
b) Drop down box- 2 Marks
c) Choose the best option- 2 Marks
d) Choose all that apply- 4 Marks
e) Match the following - 4 Marks

So, Generally there are 30 question carrying TWO marks and 10 questions of 4 Marks.

Some of the questions of PPM that was faced by me comes from variety of topics such as:
1)Planning and Decision Making- Role of manager
2)Organization, Delegation and decenterlisation
4)Service sector
5)Retailing in india
6)strategies followed by business families
7)Modern managemnt thoughts
9)event management
Some of the questions that i am able to remember are:
1)Brands shows people's lifestyle and their .
There are four options and the answer is Aspirations.
2) Encore Pvt ltd is an event management company.
I think the option is False. Check it yourself
3)The leading events that are going to be successful in future in India are:
Sporting events
Live Events
and there are two other option in my view the answer is live events.
4)Consultant should Know the of company.
Eq and Iq related : Who first pointed out the term Eq?

Questions based on modern management thoughts, vedanta, vipassana
Strategies followed by business families, rules on foreign companies

Lot of questions from organising, delegation and decentralisation

Please Read the first line and the closing line of each paragraph of the topics given above if you are preparing for the Ppm exams.

Best Of luck


meenakshi said...

hey gagan this is shona! i belong to scdl 2006 batch(pgdba/hr) i have written my 1st sem.exams too around the same time as you and did good there :)how abt. you? but i'm surprised scdl have sheduled 2nd sem. in july/aug.?? how is tht possible? aren't they suppose to do do it at the end of a semester? i'm so confused.... keep posting. ur blog is good..i've not read much of it though as i'm looking for some info regarding the exams scheduling practices of scdl. bye

Do or Die said...

Thanks shona for your comments...
I will definitely write more about PGDBA .BTW, there is a website where you can get all the assignments :