Thursday, February 27, 2014

Google Webspam Reporter: Scrapper Report

Recently, Google launched a tool to report about Scrapper site

Here is screenshot:

Is this tool important to me?

The answer is yes if you're annoyed with the fact that other sites scrapping your content and ranking higher in Google search results. This is the right opportunity to officially raise your voice against them.

Who are the beneficiaries?

E-commerce Websites
Product Review Websites
and many more...

Alert for?

Content Scrapper sites

I was digging through search results to find various other forms/tools to report issues such as paid links, copyright content or other apart from Webspam Reporting Form. Following are my findings:

1. Paid Links

2. Objectionable Content

3. Malware

4. Other Google Products

5. Something else is wrong

6. Copyright and other legal issues

7. Personal/private

8. Phishing

9. Rich Snippets

Click here for the Webmaster tools page listing all of them.

Have fun reporting Webspam!!

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