Thursday, October 17, 2013

Google Hummingbird Australia 2013 | Google Birthday Press Event

Google has new search algo named Hummingbird.

This one is more precise & return better search results according to Google search executive, Amit Singhal.

More here:

Hummingbird is released a month ago. However, I haven't noticed any drop in search traffic in Australia. I believe it's main focus is to show better results for complex queries and also to integrate various things such as knowledge graph, comparison features & improved exploration for answers & songs

There are also some other stuff shared by Google in the press event:

#tags in Google SERP
Comparison feature in search results
Local Store Suggestions
New Design for Tablets & phone with richer answers
Improved Exploration for Answers & Songs
Better Conversation on Android Search App
Notifications, Reminders & "Hotwording" on iOS Google search app

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