Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flame Virus/Malware | Stuxnet and Duqu | Iran, Middle East | Australia

While playing an app on Facebook my system crashed and BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) appeared.
When I did hard reboot my system is unable to find the operating system. Suddenly, I thought of this new virus that is spreading  in Middle East especially IRAN, named FLAME. However, my windows booted after several attempts. I run Microsoft Essentials which discovered some java applet failure and removed it. But, I was still wondering about FLAME virus and did online research on it.

What is FLAME Virus/Malware?
This is one of the sophisticated virus detected by Moscow based security lab KASPERSKY LABS in 2010. Initially, it was designed to attack only one state, IRAN but with period of time the virus spreads to Middle East and other countries as well. It's size is 20 MB and code is written in good English.
 Picture: Courtesy of Kaspersky Labs

Facts about FLAME Virus:

1. Detected by Kaspersky Labs
2. Affected Middle East especially IRAN government system and spreading to other parts of the world.
3.Code size is 20 MB and 100 times more deadly than any other virus, malware or trojan.
4. Kaspersky Labs founder says it is developed by a state not by a person or group of individuals.
5. Unique in its making as it can steal different type of information. It can record microphone attached to infected system, screen grab and can even steal information behind asterisks used in password fields.

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KASPERSKY CEO Eugene Kaspersky speaking at technology and business conference CeBIT, Sydney, Australia.

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